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HP Chemistry

"Tough, on par with HISP."

"I think that you give us an oppotunity to work with everyone during class which I like. I think that you give us a great amount of HW and I love going over all the HW in class! Those days rock because you include everyone and you check it.  You allow us to study/work on our own and you help check us!! Your extra credit rocks so much - it has kept me sane and made me not stress my mind out. . . . .hot it [this class] is not so hard, you just have to do your homework and suck on tests. There are rumors of this class and that is is so hard, but kids have to realize that it is not impossible."

"The videos and the PPTs help me learn new concepts that I sometimes don't understand in class. Don't be scared of this class, it is hard but its fun."

" The class is challenging and hard but there is good support from students and the teacher."

"Don't be scared. If you pay attention, you can get an "A"."

"This class is a good challenging course that takes some critical thinking on subjects."

"It's cool to be learning about things so small."

"Her lectures and examples on the board are super helpful."

"Be more sarcastic, it's funny."

"The way we go over the HW is super helpful. Ms. Gluckmann goes to each table to make sure we understand what we're learning, which is helpful. Ms. Gluckmann's website and the way it organized with DOSAQAs, PPTs, etc.) is very useful and easy to access."

"You should take this class because: the labs are very straight forward and interactive. You gain a more extensive understanding of chemistry that you won't get in any other class."

"I liked that we had groups to discuss our work with."

"She gives a lot of resources we can use in order to learn and understand the lesson more."

"I like the class because it is challenging."

"She also includes a lot of outside sources, different perspectives."

"My overall impression of this class is that it's pretty fast-paced, which can be tricky if you don't understand a concept. She goes over the HW after we do it.  I would tell people that this class is hard, but worth it."

"My impression of this class is that it is very tricky. In order to do well, you need to keep up on your work and understand all concepts. I would tell other students that this class is challenging, but very beneficial."

"Fast pace in the class; got harder as we got further into the semester. Take honors chemistry because if you work hard, it will reflect positively on your grade."

"This class is challenging, but is not as insane as some build it up to be. For the most part this class was reasonably manageable."

"I like this class a lot. I love science and I have learned a lot from this class. Her explanations are extremely thorough and she uses good examples for the mathematical problems."

"The class is challenging, but also very good. Her in depth explanations help in understanding the subject. Informal labs are great. Please do more."

"It's fast paced. The material is in depth. It requires a lot of studying. A lot of the class is independent. It preps us to take more responsibility. HP Chemistry is rigrorous and college prep. If it is advertised more as college prep and the essential class that it is I think more students would enroll especially those you want to go into a scientific field. Honors chemistry is an essential college prep course that you should take to be ready for all science classes that you will take in your life."

"It's challenging because of how fast paced the class is."

"I think this is a good class; a bit hard but still good. She gives us a lot of information and examples to make me understand. You should definitely join honors chemistry. It gives you a challenge and its a fun class. Not only that but its good to have it on your transcript."

"She explains the concepts pretty well."

"It is a very good class and I love it."

Web site: "Very helpful! I love the videos."

"I enjoy not having the grades weighted. It motivates me to do the homework, as for the points are equal to the points of a test. It's also helpful if you don't do so hot one one test; it won't kill your grade."

"You were one of the most considerate teachers I've had this year. You always had an understanding ear and never made high school life more stressful than it needed to be. In addition, your passion for teaching is very evident, which in turn, makes learning more enjoyable and attentive. Teachers with your outlook are the best teachers; and for that, I thank you.!"

"Labs are hard work, but also fun to do. They should be often enough to keep things interesting, but not so often as to over work. The system right now does this well."

"I enjoy science even more than I already did. The only change I would make is more practice for the tests. You are the one of the most respectable teachers I've ever had. Thank you for taking this course seriously. I've had lackluster teachers I appreciate you not being one. Honors chemistry isn't scary if you put effort into it."

"MORE LABS? They made sense with units. The emphasis on safety was great."

"The grading policy is very fair, and I feel like it really reflects what I deserve. . . . . my favorite part was the labs! They were so fun and really helped me visually interpret what we learned in class. . . . .  overall, I felt really comfortable asking questions and getting help, and I liked the grading process."

"overall good class and spacing of assignments. Teacher was helpful."

"Yes! I love going over the HW in class; it helps. . . . .I really enjoyed your class. Personally, I think it is fair that your tests are hard because if you do your HW it kind of averages out.  . . .I think you're a great teacher and the class was fun and interesting."


"The labs help me out to see what we learn in class applied visually. It also helps me understand the topic even further."

"Overall, this is very difficult. I do like the challenge though. It is my most challenging class, but I also think it's the most fun!"

"The whole independence of the class ensures that I must work hard, but in the end, I'll know the subject a lot better."

"She's very straight to the point. She helps push us, instead of just giving us the answer or anything. She encourages us to go look for the answer our self. I fee that her method makes it easier for us to push ourselves more and be less dependent on the teacher."

"She explains everything thoroughly. If we have a question or we are confused, she explains it more until we understand it."


"Pay close attention. It's harder than it looks, but it gets easier."

"Gluckmann is willing to give us one-on-one help if we ask."

"Pretty good. Very hard. Exactly what I'd expect from an honors class. . . . . She lets me get to the answer in my own time. She doesn't just give it to me. . . . You'll be confused, but then you'll learn!"

"She's approachable."

"SHe is willing to help during lunch. She pauses if we aren't getting things. Stressful, but fun!"

"Difficult, but a lot more fun that bio."

"Really hard, basically a college class."

"It's pretty hard, but I realize I've learned a lot this year and can see this benefiting me in the rest of my high school experience."


"I I liked your attitude as a person. I had a lot of respect for you and it made me want to do well in your class. You know how to deal with people and wanted to understand us and help us succeed."

"Ms. Gluckmann was pretty chill, fun and patient."

"You are a great teacher!! I hope to have you again."

"I love that you are so patient with us. You are an amazing teacher."

"I reallylike you Mrs. Gluckmann. You're a really nice teacher. Your actually the only teacher I like out of two years I've been here. I feel like I can talk to you about anything."

"You are an awesome teacher and you try to make things as easy as possible. You even made your grading scale easier for students to pass."

"Comfortable environment. Ms Gluckmann was really respectable."

"Great instructor, it's on the student if they cannot do well. Materials, tools, and help always provided."

"I believe that the amount of activities was good. It made the class less boring and allowed us to do stuff on our own versus a lecture."

"I thought the class was okay. I didn't hate being there but also didn't love it. I think my most favorites was the activities and movies. My lease favorite part was probably the amount of lecture there was. I think I would try to make the class more interactive."

BIOLOGY comments:

"I'm happy that this class didn't give very much homework unlike my other classes but I still was able to leart a lot. I felt like I could participate in class discussions as well."

"I like stick-pick, makes students feel like you're not calling them out. Makes things more fair."

"I thought it [the grading policy] was pretty fair. This was my hardest class this year (counting HISP classes)."

"My most favorite part of the class was that everything was thoroughly organized and talked about & lease favorite part of the class is the tests; they were really difficult."