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HP Chem Spring DAQAs 2019-2010

D: 1/27/2020 Spring Semester                Week 1

A: new seating charts; new hall passes; start Stoichiometry PPT; pass out lab for Friday (pre-lab due Thursday); pHet lab tomorrow in library

Q: What is stoichiometry? 


HW: definitions on pHet lab paper for tomorrow

Bozeman stoichiometry video -excellent!

D: 1/28/2020   Week One

A: pHET lab in library

D: 1/29/2020 Week One

A: continue PPT

Q: What mass of silver is produced by the reaction of 100 g of copper with silver nitrate solution? (Write out the reaction!). What kind (category) of chemical reaction is this?


HW p. 311 SR 1-5 and pHet WS due tomorrow; pre-lab due tomorrow too!

D: 1/30/2020  Week One

A: check pre-lab; go over HW; how to set up a filter and funnel video;  cont. PPT

Q: page 321 # 16 a, b, and c


HW p. 315 PP 1&2, p. 318 SR 1-4 (due Tuesday)

Lab due: 1st: 2/11/20 ,2nd: 2/12/20, 4th: 2/13/20, 5th: 2/14/20

D: 1/31/2020 Week One

A:  A Mole Ratio lab – Day one


D: 2/3/2020  Week Two

A:  A mole ratio lab day 2

Discuss results and calculations

Discuss alternate method of LR problems and finish notes for unit

D: 2/4/2020   Week Two

A:  debrief  DAQA’s from last week; go over HW; pass out stoichiometry practice problems; pass out Balloon race for Friday

Lab due: 1st: 2/11/2020, 2nd: 2/12/2020,4th: 2/13/2020, 5th: 2/14/2020  Turn in early if possible!!

Q: Methanol, CH3OH, is the simplest of the alcohols. It is synthesized by the reaction of H2 (g) and CO (g). Write out the balanced equation for this reaction and answer the following questions:

  1. If 500 mol CO and 750 mol H2 are present, which is the limiting reactant?

  2. How many moles of the excess reactant remain unchanged?

  3. How many moles of CH3OH are formed?



Stoichiometry test next week-  Wednesday!

D: 2/5/2020           Week Two

A: work on practice problems

Q: Huge quantities of sulfur dioxide are produced from zinc sulfide by means of the following reaction.

  2ZnS (s) + 3O2 (g) →  2ZnO (s) + 2SO2 (g)

If the typical yield is 86.78%, what mass of SO2 should be expected if 4897 g of ZnS are used?


Please bring clean empty soda cans!

D: 2/6/2020   Week Two

  Stoichiometry Test next Wednesday!

Balloon race tomorrow!

A: practice problems 

Q: page 322 # 29


Please bring clean empty soda cans!

Lab due: 1st: 2/11/2020, 2nd: 2/12/2020 4th: 2/13/2020, 5th: 2/14/2020

D: 2/7/2020   Week Two

A: Balloon Race today!

Lab due: 1st: 2/11/2020, 2nd: 2/12/2020,

4th: 2/13/2020, 5th: 2/14/2020

Please bring clean empty soda cans!

D: 2/10/2020  Week Three

A: no school

D: 2/11/2020 Week Three

A: go over practice problems

Q: page 325 # 13


Please bring clean empty soda cans!

Stoichiometry test tomorrow!

17 MC, 2 short answer (5 points total), 5 problems ( 30 points); Total: 47 points + 1 EC problem (worth 7 points!)

Lab due 1st period

D: 2/12/2020    Week Three
Test Chapter 9 (stoichiometry) 
D: 2/13/2020 Tye-dye picture lunch!Week Three

A: Pass out spring semester project; pass out labs (dates will be announced-pre labs for each are due the day before we do them); imaginary walk; energy demos; start energy unit; HW due next Wednesday: p. 544 (PP 1-3, SR 1-6)

Q: List and define two units in which ENERGY (not temperature!) is measured and how to convert between them.

A:             Please bring clean empty soda cans!

D: 2/14/2020 Happy Valentines Day!  Week Three

A: check pre-lab (end of period); go over last week’s DAQAs; go over Mole Ratio lab; notes & sample problems

Q: p.552 #7 and #9; HW: watch videos on entropy and free energy


EC for demos due Friday 2/21/2020 – balance equations and calculate ∆Hrxn for each reaction.

Please bring in clean empty soda cans!

Potato chip lab on Tuesday

HW due Wednesday postponed until Thursday!!!

Bozeman science video on "Herd Immunity" EXCELLENT!

Energy Videos to watch:  13 min

THIS IS THE ONE TO WATCH!!!  The rest are also helpful!

Chemistry:  Crash Course – a whole bunch of excellent videos

Bozeman science entropy 7 min  2min

D: 2/17/2020  Week Four

A: No school; President’s Day

D: 2/18/2020   Week Four

A: Potato chip lab

  Potato chip lab will be due this Friday 2//21/2020

Calories per gram

Fat: 1 gram = 9 calories

Protein: 1 gram = 4 calories

Carbohydrates: 1 gram = 4 calories

Alcohol: 1 gram = 7 calories

D: 2/19/2020     Week Four

A: go over last week’s DAQAs; continue notes; pre-lab due tomorrow; HW due tomorrow: p. 544 (PP 1-3, SR 1-6); 

HW due Monday: p. 550 PP1, SR 1-7

Q: p. 552 #15a (do the problem with both methods!!!)

A:         EC for demos due Friday!

Balance equations and calculate ΔHrxn

Please bring in clean empty soda cans!

D: 2/20/2020     Week Four

A: check pre-lab; go over HW; continue notes; 

HW due Tuesday: p. 550 PP1, SR 1-7

Q: p. 554 # 34


Reminder: EC for demos due tomorrow!

Potato chip lab due tomorrow!

Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold lab tomorrow (write-up due next week: 2nd: 2/25, 4th: 2/26, 5th: 2/27, 1st 2/28)  
D: 2/21/2020     Week Four

A: Some Like it Hot, Some Like it cold Lab

write-up due next week: 2nd: 2/25, 4th: 2/26, 5th: 2/27, 1st 2/28


Reminder: EC for demos due today!

Potato chip lab due today!


D: 2/24/2020  Test Friday   Week Five

A: finish notes; work on HW due tomorrow p. 550 PP1, SR 1-7 

Q: p. 553 #23 and #24 


Lab write-up due: 2nd: 2/25, 4th: 2/26, 5th: 2/27, 1st 2/28

Spring semester topic and partner choice due this Thursday 2/272020


D: 2/25/2020 Week Five

Test Friday (57 points)

32 MC, 1 short answer, 4 problems

A: go over HW; review last week’s DAQA questions; pass out practice/review problems (due Thursday) 

Q: p. 553 #25 and #26


Lab due 2nd period


D: 2/26/2020    Week Five

A: go over stoichiometry test short answers; work on practice problems

Q: p. 554 #38, and #40


Lab due 4th period

Spring semester project topic and partner choice due tomorrow!

Test Friday – 57 points

32 MC, 1 short answer, 4 problems


D: 2/27/2020  Week Five

A: discuss potato chip lab; go over practice problems; pass out lab for next week (pre-lab due Tuesday)

Q: p. 554 #33 – is this reaction spontaneous? How do you know?

A: Test tomorrow – 57 points

32 MC, 1 short answer, 4 problems

Lab due 5th period   

Print out L&S study guide for next week (PDF on website)


D: 2/28/2020  Week Five

A: Test Ch. 16 Thermochemistry

Lab due 1st period

D: 3/2/2020 Week Six

A: pHet lab: States of Matter

Reminder: pre-lab due tomorrow 

D: 3/3/2020   Week Six

A: check pre-lab; notes; float a paperclip?

Q: How would you describe (explain the differences) solids, liquids, and gases to a 4th grader? Be clear and use diagrams/drawings if they are helpful.


HW: Study guide Chapter 10 States of Matter Section 1-4 due Friday (PDF online); Sections 5 & Mixed review due next Wednesday

D: 3/4/2020 Week Six
A: BP lab

D: 3/5/2020    Week Six

A: notes; SG Sections 1-4 due tomorrow, Section 5 & Mixed review due next Wednesday; Pencil Lead article (PDF on website) - Answers to Q due next Monday 3/9/2020; work on new lab in class

Q: Describe 3 intermolecular forces and give an example of a substance where each would be found.


Science Innovation Pipeline Program through Sac City College
August 3-7, 2020

Apply by May 15, 2020 at :
Mentoring and summer research program designed to provide low income minority high school students with early hands-on experience to help them develop a clearer understanding of what it is like to study science. You will receive a $200 cash scholarship at the end of the week! You must be a junior in high school and be able to commit to the entire 5 days!

D: 3/6/2020  Week Six

A: go over prior DAQAs; go over “Some like it hot, some like it cold;” go over HW; work on BP lab (due next Friday 3/13/2020)

Pencil Lead Article

Please complete the following school climate survey:

This is the link to the student survey:

D: 3/9/2020    Week Seven

New seating charts

A: continue notes; explain WS graphing phase changes of water with calculations due Thursday 3/12/2020 (graph in Excel! - all typed, but please turn in a hard copy - 1 piece of paper); pencil lead article answers to questions due today; work on BP lab? Lab due: Friday 3/13/2020

Q: What is the relationship between intermolecular forces and surface tension?


HW: Study guide Section 5 and Mixed Review due Wed 

D: 3/10/19    Week Seven

A:  work on BP lab


D: 3/11/2020    Week Seven

A: debrief pencil questions; go over HW; dry ice demo; work on BP lab

Q: p. 351, PP 1 & 2  


Test next Wednesday 3/18/2020

Reminder: Water graph due tomorrow (one page total typed; graph in Excel)

D: 3/12/2020  Week Seven

A: can activity; hand out review questions for L&S (due Tuesday); group BP lab due tomorrow

Q: Explain the can activity; i.e. describe your observations of all the phenomena and explain thoroughly what caused them.

A: Test next Wednesday 3/18/2020

Reminder: Water graph due today (one page total typed; graph in Excel)

D: 3/13/2020    Week Seven

A: finish BP lab (due today); work on review questions

Q: p. 336 SR #4 and #5


Test next Wednesday: 6 TF, 22 MC, 7 matching, 7 short answer, 2 problems. Total 70 points

Rough draft semester project due 3/25/2020

Spring semester project

Due dates:
Rought draft: Wednesday 3/25/2020
Final poster: Tuesday 4/21/2020
DAQA Week 8 -  ???