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HP Chemistry DAQAs Fall semester 2019-2010
Significant Figures rules 6:03 minutes
See if you can figure out the mistake in her explanation of zeros that are sig figs

Unit conversion & significant figures
Crash course chemistry #2  11:23 minutes
Bozeman science  11:18 minutes
Significant Digits
Khan academy
Significant figures 5:02
Multiplying and Dividing with Significant Figures    9:30 minutes
Addition and subtraction with significant  figures     8:58 minutes
More on significant figures  5:40 minutes
Precision vs Accuracy: UPDATED - Chemistry Tutorial     2:28 min

Dimensional Analysis/Factor Label Method - Chemistry Tutorial

TheChemistrySolution 11:13

Dimensional Analysis Part II - Chemistry Tutorial


Thorough and clear!

Unit Conversion & Significant Figures: Crash Course Chemistry #2           11:23

Dimensional Analysis (Brightstorm Chemistry)


Precision vs Accuracy: UPDATED - Chemistry Tutorial     2:28 min

How to calculate experimental error (1:49)

Crash Course Chemistry
The Creation of Chemistry 10:58 

What are isotopes? Chemistry Basics 4:24

Information on mass spectrometry:

Root word reference sheet - just for personal use; helps with SAT prep!

Prefixes, etc. - also good for SAT prep!
Bozeman Science – Matter as a Wave (5:02 min)
Wave model of an electron (4:01 min)
Photons (5:16 min)
Wave particle duality of light (3:33 min)
Bozeman Science – Matter as a Wave (5:02 min)
Quantum mechanical model (4:35 min)
Article: The New Alchemy
Links for PBS Videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Periodic Table and Periodicity PPT

Element song (Tom Lehrer):

Element song (Tom Lehrer), with Daniel Radcliffe:

Pirates of Penzance song too:

Also “You might be giants” element song

ASAP Science Periodic Table song (2:53)

New periodic table song:

Periodic table cars:

Cool periodic table website:

TED talks (TEDEd) on the periodic table:

Bozeman science

Drawing Lewis Dot Diagrams 9:41

Chemical Bonds: Covalent vs. Ionic 8:56

Metallic Bonding 5:54

Khan Academy

Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic Bonds  13:21

Valence Electrons 15:22

Crash course chemistry

Bonding Models and Lewis Structures: Crash Course Chemistry #24 11:37 

The Properties of Water 4:12 min

Khan Academy Video on Molecular Bonds:  

How to Remember Some Common Polyatomics

How to Memorize and Name Polyatomic Ions