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HP Chemistry DAQA Spring Semester 18-19
 Additional resources/information
Bozeman stoichiometry video -excellent!

Bozeman science – Temperature 4:29

**Bozeman science – Heat exchange 5:03

Bozeman science – Conservation of energy 4:08

**Bozeman science  Energy Changing processes 8:18

**Bozeman science – Endothermic and exothermic reactions 4:34

**Bozeman science Calorimetry 6:00

**Bozeman science – Enthalpy of reaction 8:02 (includes Hess’s Law)

Brightstorm science: (lots of good videos);

Chemistry:  CrashCourse – a whole bunch of excellent videos

Crash Course Chemistry #20 -13 min Entropy: Embrace the Chaos! 

Bozeman science Entropy 7:04

Bozeman science Spontaneous processes 7:42

Bozeman science Using Gibbs Free Energy 7:56

Bozeman science Driving Nonspontaneous processes 5:51

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VIdeo links for gases:

“boiling water at room temperature”

Balloons and marshmallows

Graham’s Law:

Avogadro's Law: Avogadro's Law (14:47 min)

Boyle's Law: Boyle's Law (5:41 min)

Charles' Law: Charles' Law (6:41 min)

Combined Gas Law: Combined Gas Law           (6:48 min)

Ideal Gas Law: Ideal Gas Law Introduction         (6:18 min) 

How to rearrange the ideal gas law to form any of the other laws: Be Lazy! Don't Memorize the Gas Laws! (7:10 min)

Where the ideal gas law constant, R, comes from: Ideal Gas Law: Where did R come from? (3:31 min)

IsaacsTEACH on Solutions, Colloids, Suspensions

TheChemistrySolution's Video on Henry's Law

TheChemistrySolution's Video on Partial Pressure of Gases and Mole Fractions

Another Video on Henry's Law

If these links don't seem to work directly, then cut and paste the URL into a browser and they should work fine!


Brightstorm videos Net ionic equation 9:36

Bozeman science

Molecular, ionic, and net ionic equations  9:38

Bozeman science  

Solubility (goes into Ksp) 7:05

Solubility Rules (Mnemonic Tricks) 2:40

Brightstorm chemistry

Freezing point depression 3:52


Brightstorm videos

Boiling Point Elevation 4:35


Isaacs TEACH has a few GREAT videos about kinetics in my opinion. – potential energy diagrams 6:54 – rate of reaction and rate laws 11:14 (continue watching through the accelerated class section!) – factors that affect reaction rate 10:38 (continue watching through the accelerated class section!) – reaction mechanisms (and rate limiting step) 4:31
Crash Course Chemistry: Kinetics: Chemistry's Demolition Derby - 9:57 This also introduces/reviews some equilibrium concepts!

Bozeman Science The Rate Law 8:43 (Don’t worry about finding slope of curves – beyond what you need to know) – watch this one before the one on the Rate Constant The rate of Reactions 6:24 (you do NOT need to know anything about Beers Law!) Enthalpy of Reaction 8:02 Review of Chapter 16 material (calorimetry, Hess’s law)

Brightstorm videos The Rate Constant 6:52 (a bit more in depth starting about halfway through the video) If you’re going to skip a video, this one would be it! – reaction rates factors 3:04 Reaction rate problems 9:38 Excellent! Look at primarily the second problem (which is quite involved)
  Chemical Equilibrium PPT

The PPT contains a few slides with links to videos; please access the videos directly from the PPT.