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HP Chemistry DAQA Spring Semester 19-20
 Additional resources/information
VIdeo links for gases:

“boiling water at room temperature”

Balloons and marshmallows

Graham’s Law:

Avogadro's Law: Avogadro's Law (14:47 min)

Boyle's Law: Boyle's Law (5:41 min)

Charles' Law: Charles' Law (6:41 min)

Combined Gas Law: Combined Gas Law           (6:48 min)

Ideal Gas Law: Ideal Gas Law Introduction         (6:18 min) 

How to rearrange the ideal gas law to form any of the other laws: Be Lazy! Don't Memorize the Gas Laws! (7:10 min)

Where the ideal gas law constant, R, comes from: Ideal Gas Law: Where did R come from? (3:31 min)

D: 4/4/19 Week Ten

A: pass out lab for next Tuesday (pre-lab due Monday); Study guide Ch.12 sections 1 & 2 (PDF on website) due Wednesday; minilab today

Q: Compare and contrast solutions, colloids and suspensions (minilab)


IsaacsTEACH on Solutions, Colloids, Suspensions

Study Guide Chapter 12 & 13

D: 4/8/19 Week Eleven

A: notes; demo conductivity; work on Study guide Ch.12 sections 1 & 2 due Wednesday; lab tomorrow (check pre-lab today)

Q: Distinguish between strong and weak electrolytes and give an example for each.


TheChemistrySolution's Video on Henry's Law

TheChemistrySolution's Video on Partial Pressure of Gases and Mole Fractions

Another Video on Henry's Law

If these links don't seem to work directly, then cut and paste the URL into a browser and they should work fine!


Brightstorm videos Net ionic equation 9:36

Bozeman science

Molecular, ionic, and net ionic equations  9:38

Bozeman science  

Solubility (goes into Ksp) 7:05

Solubility Rules (Mnemonic Tricks) 2:40

Brightstorm chemistry

Freezing point depression 3:52


Brightstorm videos

Boiling Point Elevation 4:35

D: 4/29/18 Week Thirteen

New seating charts – your choice

A: notes; DR pre-lab due Wednesday (doing on Thursday); work on HW (rest of packet due tomorrow); Salting Roads answers to questions due today!

Q: In light of what you now [hopefully] understand regarding colligative properties, EXPLAIN the chemistry behind making ice cream.


D: 4/30/19 Week Thirteen

A: go over HW; review problems

Q: p. 450 (PP 1&2)



D: 5/1/19 Week Thirteen

A: go over last weeks DAQAs; go over DR pre-lab (equations on the board); science project tour; review problems

Q: p. 451 (PP 2&3)



D: 5/2/19 Week Thirteen

A: DR lab

Solution Test Tuesday

D: 5/3/18 Week Thirteen

A: go over review questions

Q: What did you think of the spring semester project? Was it interesting to do? Was it worth your time?


Solution Test Tuesday

D: 5/6/19 Week Fourteen

A: Kinetics lab – pennies and candles

D: 5/7/18 Week Fourteen

Solutions and Colligative properties test


D: 5/8/19 Week Fourteen

A: finish Absolute Zero Part II

D: 5/9/19 Week Fourteen

A: notes; pass out lab for Monday (Clock Reactions) – prelab due tomorrow with a hypothesis; HW: due Tuesday: p. 567 (PP 1 – 3; SR 1-8); due Wednesday: p. 574 (PP 1 & 2), p. 577 (PP 1 & 2); p. 578 (SR 1- 5); due Thursday: pp. 581-583 (10-16,19); p. 585 (1-13)

Q: What factors have an effect on the rate of a reaction? Explain thoroughly.

A: Please take home science project boards!


D: 5/10/19 Week Fourteen

A: check pre-lab; go over gas test; notes;

HW due Tuesday: p. 567 (PP 1 – 3; SR 1-8), due Wednesday: p. 574 (PP 1 & 2), p. 577 (PP 1 & 2); p. 578 (SR 1- 5); due Thursday: pp. 581-583 (10-16,19); p. 585 (1-13)

Q:What two conditions are necessary for chemical reactions to occur? (Be CLEAR and specific in your response!)


D: 5/13/19 Week Fifteen

A: Clock lab


D: 5/14/19 Week Fifteen

A: go over HW; debrief Clock lab (omit Q6); notes; HW due tomorrow: p. 574 (PP 1 & 2), p. 577 (PP 1 & 2), p. 578 (SR 1- 5); due Thursday: pp. 581-583 (10-16,19); p. 585 (1-13)

Q: How does a catalyst affect a reaction? Be specific and thorough in your response.


Electrochemistry EC due Monday 6/3/19

IB video:

D: 5/15/19 Week Fourteen

A: go over HW; HW for tomorrow: pp. 581-583 (10-16,19); p. 585 (1-13)

Q: p. 581 #6


Labs due: 1st: Monday 5/20/19; 2nd: Tuesday 5/21/19; 5th Wednesday 5/22/19

Test Monday

Isaacs TEACH has a few GREAT videos about kinetics in my opinion. – potential energy diagrams 6:54 – rate of reaction and rate laws 11:14 (continue watching through the accelerated class section!) – factors that affect reaction rate 10:38 (continue watching through the accelerated class section!) – reaction mechanisms (and rate limiting step) 4:31
Crash Course Chemistry: Kinetics: Chemistry's Demolition Derby - 9:57 This also introduces/reviews some equilibrium concepts!

Bozeman Science The Rate Law 8:43 (Don’t worry about finding slope of curves – beyond what you need to know) – watch this one before the one on the Rate Constant The rate of Reactions 6:24 (you do NOT need to know anything about Beers Law!) Enthalpy of Reaction 8:02 Review of Chapter 16 material (calorimetry, Hess’s law)

Brightstorm videos The Rate Constant 6:52 (a bit more in depth starting about halfway through the video) If you’re going to skip a video, this one would be it! – reaction rates factors 3:04 Reaction rate problems 9:38 Excellent! Look at primarily the second problem (which is quite involved)

D: 5/16/19 Week Fifteen

A: go over rest of HW; Equilibrium pre-assessment

Q: p. 582 #7


Test Monday: 35 MC, 5 short answer-problems (calculate rate, identify rate-determining step and write rate law from mechanism, determine rate law from data, draw energy profile) 55 points


D: 5/17/19 Week Fifteen

A: Haber video and assignment due Tuesday 5/28/19 (including EC portion!)

D: 5/21/19 Week Sixteen

A: start equilibrium notes; HW due Friday: p. 595 (PP 1-3, SR 1-10), p. 604 (SR 1-6); lab for Thursday (pre-lab due Thursday too!); HW due next Wednesday p. 616 (PP 1&2); p. 618 (PP 1&2); p. 620 (PP 1&2, SR 1-7)

Q: At certain temperature, Keq = 10.5 for the equilibrium CO (g) + 2 [H2](g) ó CH3OH (g); Calculate these concentrations:

a.[CO] where [H2] = 0.933 M and [CH3OH] = 1.32 M
b.[H2] where [CO] = 1.09 M and [CH3OH] = 0.325 M
c.[CH3OH] where [H2] = 0.0661 M and [CO] = 3.85 M

A:                                    Lab due 2nd period

Haber assignment due next Tuesday 5/28/19

D: 5/22/19 Week Sixteen

A: notes; work on pre-lab; work on HW

Test next Friday

Q: (1)Use Le Châtelier's principle to predict how each of these changes would affect the following equilibrium system: N2(g)+3H2ó2NH3(g)

a. removing hydrogen from the system

b. adding ammonia to the system

c. adding hydrogen to the system

(2) How would these equilibria be affected by increasing the temperature? Explain!

a. 4NH3 (g) +5O2 (g) ó 4NO (g) + 6H2O (g) + heat

b. heat + NaCl (s) ó Na+ (aq) + Cl- (aq)

A:                                     Labs due 5th period

D: 5/23/19 Week Sixteen

A: Lab - Investigating Chemical equilibrium (check pre-lab today as well)

D: 5/24/19 Week Sixteen

A: go over HW; notes

Lab due next Thursday!

Q: p. 624 #30 and #31


D: 5/28/19 Week Seventeen

A: notes; work on HW; table work: pp. 622-624 (2-11, 14-16, 27, 29, 32, 33, 34, 37, 39, 40) [will count as HW stamp!]

Q: p. 624 #38, #41



D: 5/29/19 Week Seventeen

A: go over HW; class problems [pp. 622-624 (2-11, 14-16, 27, 29, 32, 33, 34, 37, 39, 40) - will count as HW stamp!]

Q: p. 624 # 45 and #46



D: 5/30/19 Week Seventeen

A: equilibrium lab due; go over recent DAQAs; debrief equilibrium pre-assessment; go over table problems; pHet lab acids and bases due next Wednesday

Q: p. 624-625 #47; p. 597 Q1&2



D: 6/3/19 Week Eighteen

A: notes acids and bases; pHet lab acids and bases due Wednesday; pass out lab for tomorrow - Heartburn lab - due Thursday

Q: Compare and contrast Arrhenius, Brönsted-Lowry and Lewis definitions of acids and bases. (Be clear, but thorough in your response!)


D: 6/4/19 Week Eighteen

A: Heartburn lab (due Thursday – but try and finish in class today!)


D: 6/5/19 Week Eighteen

A: go over recent DAQAs; pHet lab due – go over it; continue notes

Q: p. 492 #23



D: 6/6/19 Week Eighteen

A: turn in Heartburn lab; debrief solutions and kinetics tests; finish notes including buffer demo; pass out course evaluation form

Q: p. 523 #16



D: 6/7/19 The last DAQA Week Eighteen

A: go over equilibrium test
Q: p. 492 #27