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Biology DAQA Spring Semester 2018-2018

D: 1/28/19 Week One

A: new seating charts; new hall passes; new OP sheet; Notes Cell theory PPT NM; Animal and plant cell diagrams (label & function; hint: look at your cell coloring pages OR p. 75 in biology textbook)

Q: State the 3 main ideas of the cell theory.


HW: finish animal and plant cell diagrams if not done in class (2 OP stamps!)

D: 1/29/19 Week One

A: go over HW (cell parts and functions); stamp OP sheet; continue PPT; cell puzzle

Q: What are “organelles?”


D: 1/30/19 Week One

A: microscope videos and WS; continue cell puzzle

Q: How should you always carry a microscope?


HW due tomorrow: How to Succeed in Microscope Labs and The Optical Microscope WS (finish both!)

How to properly use a microscope


Basic microscope set-up 4:20

D: 1/31/19 Week One

A: go over microscope WS; prep microscope labs for next few days; video clip: How to prepare a wet mount slide; cell puzzle

Q: List the steps involved in preparing a wet mount slide.


HW: read and prepare microscope labs

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D: 2/1/19 Week One

A: OP sheet; prepare microscope labs including pre-lab IN R-7 (set up data table, etc.) Write-ups will be due next week!

Q: What is the purpose of using “stains” for observing specimens under the microscope?


HW: pre-lab INR-7 due Monday; microscope crossword WS due Monday

D: 2/4/19 Week Two

A: IN 1-C The Compound Microscope

Stamp microscope WS and crossword puzzle

Stamp pre-lab IN R-7

HW: finish compound microscope WS


D: 2/5/19 Week Two

A: dissecting microscope lab; start IN R7 – possibly onion and elodea

Turn in compound microscope lab from yesterday

HW: finish dissecting microscope WS

D: 2/6/19 Week Two

A: IN R-7 How do cells from different organisms compare in their structures? How are their structures related to their functions?

Finish dissecting scope lab; onion, elodea; prepared slide; if all through THEN (after checking with me) you may do the cheek cell

HW: finish dissecting microscope WS (due tomorrow)

HW: IN R7 due Friday beginning of period

D: 2/7/19 Week Two

A: IN R-7 How do cells from different organisms compare in their structures? How are their structures related to their functions?

Cheek cells today

IN R-7 due beginning of period tomorrow; no conclusion required!

D: 2/8/19 Week Two

(just put this DAQA question on Monday; we’ll continue with the same sheet next week)

A: new score sheet; turn in IN R7; review cell organelles; cell puzzle (2 OP stamps); Quiz on microscope and cell organelles and functions next Wednesday!

Finish PPT review

Q: Which organelles are present in plant cells and NOT present in animal cells? Why is this significant? EXPLAIN!


HW: microscope coloring review


D: 2/11/19 Week Three


D: 2/12/19 Week Three

A: finish cell puzzle; continue microscope coloring pages (EC OP stamp for those who actually finished it for today!)

Q: What is the best way to prepare for your quiz tomorrow? (Don’t just say “STUDY!” – be specific!)


Microscope and cell quiz tomorrow

D: 2/13/19 Week Three

A: Microscope and cell puzzle quiz!

HW: read all 3 articles (photosynthesis reading, carbon cycle reading, nitrogen cycle reading) and fill in all blanks for tomorrow

D: 2/14/19 Week Three

Happy Valentines Day!

A: go over reading questions; begin Model 8 (new Doodle sheet); new glossary sheet

Q: What is an ecosystem? A population? A community?


HW: Matter cycles: reading questions

D: 2/15/19 Week Three

A: go over Reading questions; continue Model 8

Q: How is the Ecosphere similar to Earth as an ecosystem? In what ways is Earth’s ecosystem different?


D: 2/18/19 Week Four



D: 2/19/19 Week Four

A: continue Model 8; discuss Human Impact and the Carbon cycle; start “An Inconvenient Truth”

Q: Why is our industrial production of CO2 such a problem for our environment? EXPLAIN!!!!



D: 2/20/19 Week Four

A: An Inconvenient Truth

D: 2/21/19 Week Four

A: update and stamp OP sheet; Model 9 PPT and Doodle sheet

Q: What is a “producer?” What is a “consumer?” What is a “decomposer?”

(add these terms to your glossary too!)


D: 2/22/19 Week Four

A: finish “An Inconvenient Truth” Bozeman Science 10:30 (DNA video)


Amoeba sisters: Why DNA is as cool as RNA 4:43

Amoeba Sisters: Protein Synthesis and the Lean, Mean Ribosome Machines

Amoeba sisters DNA replication

Bozeman Science
Replication    10:09

Crash Course Biology

DNA Structure and Replication: Crash Course Biology #10   12:58

Crash Course Biology
DNA, Hot Pockets, & The Longest Word Ever: Crash Course Biology #11        14:07  

Amoeba sisters Mutations:


Amoeba sisters - mitosis  8:26 

Amoeba sisters Meiosis video: (updated Meiosis video) 7:43


Bozeman science  

Phases of mitosis: 10:42  

Mitosis - 13:34   

Mitosis & meiosis simulation- 11:52

Phases of meiosis 8:25

Meiosis  - 9:17

Crash course biology

Mitosis- 10:47

Meiosis -  11:42


Bozeman science video on mitosis Phases of mitosis: 10:42  

Mitosis - 13:34   

Mitosis & meiosis simulation- 11:52

Phases of meiosis 8:25

Meiosis  - 9:17

Excellent review video: Mitosis & meiosis simulation11:52

Crash course biology

Mitosis- 10:47

Meiosis -  11:42


Plant videos:

Plant Structure (Bozeman science) 13:36

Top 10 Bizarre And Truly Scary Plants You Never Knew Existed 2:00

Flower Structure and Function 12:20