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Biology DAQA Spring Semester 2017-2018

D: 1/29/18 Week One

A: new seating charts; new hall passes; new OP sheet; Notes Cell theory PPT NM; Animal and plant cell diagrams (label & function; hint: look at page 76 in your book!)

Q: State the 3 main ideas of the cell theory.


HW: finish animal and plant cell diagrams if not done in class (2 OP stamps!)

D: 1/30/18 Week One

A: go over cell parts and functions; finish endosymbiont theory; introduce the use of the microscope (microscope videos)

Q: How should you always carry a microscope?


HW due Thursday: How to Succeed in Microscope Labs and The Optical Microscope WS (finish both!)

How to properly use a microscope


D: 1/31/18 Week One

A: prep microscope labs for next few days; video clip: How to prepare a wet mount slide

Q: List the steps involved in preparing a wet mount slide.


HW: finish microscope WS and read and prepare microscope labs


D: 2/1/18 Week One

A: go over HW; OP sheet; cell puzzle; continue preparing microscope labs including pre-lab IN R-7 (set up data tables, etc.) Write-up will be due by end of period next Friday!

Q: What are “organelles?”


HW: pre-lab INR-7 due Monday; microscope crossword WS due next Thursday

IN.R-1A Compound microscope and Dissecting Microscope labs due next Thursday

D: 2/2/18 Week One

A: IN 1-C The Compound Microscope

D: 2/5/18 Week Two

A: microscope labs; dissecting microscope lab; check pre-lab and start IN R7 – elodea

Can turn in labs from Friday and today for some bonus EC points


D: 2/6/18 Week Two

A: Supersize Me (I’m running my science fair) Mr. Ho is covering for me

D: 2/7/18 Week Two

A: finish “Supersize Me;” cell puzzle; science fair tour

Q: What is misleading/confusing about the cell puzzle? Be specific! There are at least 2 things “wrong” with it.


HW: remember Microscope crossword WS and 2 other microscope labs are due tomorrow

D: 2/8/18 Week Two

A: IN R-7 How do cells from different organisms compare in their structures? How are their structures related to their functions?

Microscope puzzle due today; Compound and dissecting microscope labs due today

D: 2/9/18 Week Two

A: new score sheet; go over microscope crossword WS; discuss lab write-up IN R7 (due next Wednesday); work on cell puzzle (2 OP stamps); Quiz on microscope and cell organelles and functions next Thursday!

Q: Which organelles are present in plant cells and NOT present in animal cells? Why is this significant? EXPLAIN!



D: 2/12/18 Week Three


D: 2/13/18 Week Two

A: IN R-7 How do cells from different organisms compare in their structures? How are their structures related to their functions?

Write up for IN R 7 due Wednesday

Ms. Gluckmann absent today!

D: 2/14/18 Week Three

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A: update OP sheet; finish IN R-7 and finish write-up (due tomorrow!); work on cell puzzle

Q: What is the function of the cell membrane? How is that different from the function of the cell wall in plants?

D: 2/15/18 Week Three

A: lab write up due today; update OP stamps as needed; review for quiz tomorrow; finish cell puzzle

Q: What is the best way to prepare for your quiz tomorrow? (Don’t just say “STUDY!”)


D: 2/16/18 Week Three

A: Microscope and cell puzzle quiz!

HW: read all 3 articles (photosynthesis reading, carbon cycle reading, nitrogen cycle reading) and fill in all blanks for Tuesday

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 Bozeman science video on mitosis Phases of mitosis: 10:42  

Mitosis - 13:34   

Mitosis & meiosis simulation- 11:52

Phases of meiosis 8:25

Meiosis  - 9:17

Crash course biology

Mitosis- 10:47

Meiosis -  11:42